We specialize in breeding and raising heritage breed pigs such as Berkshires, Large Blacks, and Gloucestershire Old Spots. These are historic breeds that have been around for hundreds of years. They are hardy, great foragers, good mothers, and are able to breed naturally. Because they are slower to mature, and do not thrive in confinement, the existence of these breeds is endangered. However, the flavor and marbling of the meat are far superior to any commercially raised pork. 




Smoked Nitrate Free Bacon $12/lb.

Smoked Nitrate Free Jowl Bacon $12/lb

Uncured Pork Belly $12/lb

Sausage (Italian or Breakfast) $8/lb.

Sausage Patties (Sage Seasoning 4/pkg.) $9/lb.

Sausage Links (Italian Seasoning 4-5/pkg.) $9/lb.

Bratwurst $9/lb.

Bone-In Pork Chops $10/lb.

Boneless Pork Chops $12/lb.

Pork Roast $8.50/lb.

Smoked Ham Slices $8.50/lb.

Whole Smoked Bone-In Ham $8.50/lb.

Ham Hocks $6/lb.

Baby Back Ribs $12/lb.

Spare Ribs $8/lb

Liver $5/lb.

Lard $10/4 lbs.

Soup Bones $8/pkg


Bulk Purchasing


Save money and have your pork cut to your specifications. Depending on the size of the pig, a half hog will yield about 60-70lbs of meat, while a whole hog yields around 120-140lbs. 


Half Hog......$4/lb. live weight (110-170lbs) + custom butchering fee ($50-100)

Whole Hog.....$3.75/lb. live weight (220-300lbs) + custom butchering fee ($100-180)

Roaster.....$5/lb. live weight (40-150lbs) + $30 butchering fee 

Optional Bulk Home Delivery Fee....$0.75/mile

Half Hog deposit $125

Whole Hog deposit $200


Feeder Pigs


Interested in raising your own pigs? We sell feeder piglets for $125 each 


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